Judith Barsi Cause of Death

Judith Eva Barsi was an American child actress who lived from June 6, 1978 to July 25, 1988. She began her acting career on television, appearing in commercials, television shows, and the film Jaws: The Revenge.

In The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven, she gave voices for animated characters.

Barsi was making an estimated $100,000 per year (equivalent to $229,000 in 2021) by the time she reached fourth grade, which enabled her family to purchase a three-bedroom house in West Hills, Los Angeles.

She began receiving hormone injections at UCLA to accelerate her growth because she was short for her age—she stood 3 ft 8 in (112 cm) at the age of ten.

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Because of her small stature, casting directors chose to portray her as children who were younger than she was. “She was still playing 7, 8” when she was ten, according to her agent Ruth Hansen, who was quoted in the Los Angeles Times.

Judith Barsi Cause of Death

In July 1988, she and her mother, Maria, were assassinated in their home by her father, József Barsi, in a double murder–suicide.

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