Jonah Feingold Age, Parents, Height, Movies & TikTok

Jonah Feingold is an American writer, producer and director of several short films best known for his 2014 parody video Star Wars Wes Anderson.

Jonah Feingold
Jonah Feingold

Jonah Feingold has not disclosed his exact date of birth. Jonah Feingold was born and raised in New York City. Regarding his family background, Jonah Feingold has not revealed any information regarding his biological father, mother or siblings. Therefore, it is not known whether he has any siblings or not.


Regarding his educational background, Jonah Feingold attended USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Jonah Feingold is the creator of Microships, a series chronicling micro-moments in millennial relationships.

Jonah Feingold rose into the spotlight after he released the video Star Wars Wes Anderson in 2014. The video was a parody of the trailer of the then-upcoming Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He created the short film Letters to Manhattan (A Whole Foods Love Story) in 2015. He launched the film project Bangarang alongside Dante Basco in June 2017. The project gained a lot of attention on the internet, trending number one on Reddit, and number four on Twitter global.


Some of Jonah Feingold’s directorial works are available on BuzzFeed, Funny or Die, CNN, and HuffPost among others. He directed the musical/reality pilot, THE WESTSIDE, which got sold to Netflix. He also directed an original musical project “Relationships The Musical” to Disney’s Maker Studios. He wrote the short film for Sony’s JUMANJI marketing campaign, REALITY QUEST, starring American actor The Rock.

Jonah Feingold Executive produced and directed a five-part digital series for Facebook Watch called STARS WITH CARS. In 2020, he wrote and directed his debut feature film, Dating & New York which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 13, 2021. He is the co-host and creator of the dating podcast “Los AngelSHIPS”.

Jonah Feingold
Jonah Feingold

Jonah Feingold Parents

Jonah Feingold has not revealed any information regarding his biological father and mother to the media.

Jonah Feingold Height

Jonah Feingold is of average height. He is around 5 feet 6 inches tall.


Jonah Feingold Age

Information regarding the actual age of Jonah Feingold has not been disclosed. His exact date of birth remains unknown.

Jonah Feingold TikTok

Jonah Feingold has an active TikTok account with the username (@thejonahfeingold) where he has 18.6k followers.

Jonah Feingold Movies

Some of the movies Jonah Feingold directed include Dating & New York (2021), 365 Days of Love, Stars with Cars, Keys (2017), Love Daily (2018), What Are We?, Catching a Break (2017), Cody & Lexy (2017), and Bangarang (2017).

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