John Defterios Net Worth


John Defterios is a highly-respected American journalist who is the Emerging Markets Editor for CNN Business. He is also an anchor for the CNN International bureau in Abu Dhabi. His previous jobs include being a European correspondent and special series producer for the Nightly Business Report. He was born in California on April 7, 1961, and is 60 years old. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.9 million.

Defterios joined CNN in 1992 and has held several positions since. He was a reporter for the Lou Dobbs Moneyline show in New York from 1992 until 1996. He has also served as the principal anchor of CNNfn in New York and as a reporter for the International Channel. Defterios is married twice. In 2002, he married Manuela Mirkos, a freelance journalist from London. In 2004, he married the former Reuters Television correspondent Manuela Mirkos. He has also been a principal anchor for the network in New Orleans and Atlanta. In 2009, he has been hosting Global Exchange on CNNfn from Abu Dhabi, and he has worked for PBS.


Defterios is married twice. He was married to Manuela Mirkos in 2002, and they have two daughters. His wife, Manuela, was a journalist for The New York Times before meeting him. The couple married in a Greek Orthodox ceremony. In 2010, he was employed by the news agency in Abu Dhabi, and the pair have two children. They are both worth around $1 million. There are many ways to get a free Defterios biography online.

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