John Berman Biography

Listed below is a brief biography of American news anchor John Berman. He is best known as the co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day” with Brianna Keilar. He also serves as the relief presenter for Anderson Cooper 360°. Despite his successful career, his biographies aren’t very inspiring. Here is a quick look at his life and career. While there are many great news anchors in the industry, the ones that are worth following are those who are able to balance the responsibilities.

Born on March 21, 1972, Berman attended the Philips Academy Andover, an independent boarding and university-preparatory school in Carlisle, Massachusetts. He later graduated from Harvard University and began his career in journalism. He worked as a desk assistant for ABC News until 1995. He was soon promoted to head writer of “World News Tonight” alongside Peter Jennings. He also covered the White House before being assigned to New York City.

After graduating from Harvard, Berman joined the team covering the GOP primary in 2012 and the 2008 presidential campaign. He followed the Democratic nominee Obama during the general election. He began his career as an off-air reporter for ABC News in the 1990s. In 1995, Berman became a desk assistant for the ABC news network. In 1997, he was named head writer of ‘World News Tonight’ alongside Peter Jennings. During this time, he also covered the White House, as well as the first months in the White House.

Berman married Kerry Voss in 1988 and has two children. He has not revealed the details of his marriage, but they are proud parents of twin daughters, named Veronica and Michael. They have been married for 15 years, and they have no known rumors about a mistress. Their two children were born in July 2017 and are incredibly happy. Besides, he is also married and has a large social media following.

Upon graduating from Harvard University, Berman started working for ABC. He eventually became the head writer of World News Tonight. In 1993, he met his wife, Kerry Voss, during his college days. They married in 2001 and had twin boys in 2007. They both work for the network and are passionate about their careers. This is a rare opportunity for a budding television journalist to make a lasting impression in the news industry.

Berman’s marriage to Kerry Voss is very special. He met Kerry Voss while attending Harvard University. The two dated for several years and were married in July 2001. Their marriage is a private affair, and there are few details about their life. In the last few years, the couple has been a happy couple. The news anchor rarely mentions his wife, although she is a key part of his success.