Jesinta Franklin’s daughter Tullulah Rides a scooter on Boxing Day, Here is the video

Jesinta Franklin has posted an exclusive video of her little girl Tullulah.

The baby, who was 22 months old was able to take a ride on a scooter in the morning of Boxing Day, with the 30-year-old model posting the experience in a video on Instagram.

Jesinta Franklin’s Daughter Tullulah Rides A Scooter

In the video, the child races ahead on her scooter, and she rides on the path with a helmet.

Jesinta Franklin’s Daughter Tullulah Rides A Scooter

Jesinta was the one to tag the video a black and white video, which featured the Louis Armstrong hit What a Wonderful World” an afternoon scoot in the drizzle’.

It came after the brunette beauty opened up about her experiences breastfeeding and shared a photograph of her with her 9-month-old son Rocky.

Jesinta stated that she chose to breastfeed Rocky in the wake of bottle-feeding Tullulah and observed no differences.

Breakfast by the ocean …’ She captioned her image showing her breastfeeding Rocky while on the beach.

“I mixed formula with a bottle for my first child and I’ve been breastfeeding Rocky for 9 months now. Both of them are healthy and both are connected and both are gorgeous.’

“There isn’t a distinction in the quality of life or happiness of either of my sons. I am sharing this with all mothers who need to hear this today.

jesinta she shares Tullulah along with Rocky together with her husband for five years AFL celebrity Lance “Buddy” Franklin has also posted a collection of rare family photos prior to Christmas.

One adorable photo depicted Tullulah walking alongside her great-grandfather while another shot showed the tiny child feeding the horse in her AFL father’s arms.

It was very unique to have the opportunity to be back with our family but sad that we will not be able to visit our family members in WA for the second time after another,” she wrote.

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