Is Stephen Colbert married?

Yes, the renowned comedian, actor, producer and TV show host, Stephen Colbert is a married man. He is married to actress and film producer Evelyn McGee-Colbert. They got married in October 1993, long before Colbert’s big break as host of the popular late night TV show, The Late Night.

Stephen shared that he first met her at a social event in Charleston and immediately knew that she was the one for him. He said that growing up in Charleston himself, the two had actually known each other since childhood but just never became friends.

The love-at-first-sight was not one-sided because Spartina Productions Vice President, Evelyn McGee also retold in an interview that she had also noticed him and had similar thoughts.

The two officially began dating and shortly after, got married. Their union has been blessed with three children, Madeline, Peter and John Colbert, their ages lying in the range of 27-20.

Evelyn and Stephen’s marriage is only a year short of three decades and yet, their bond is as strong as that first night in Charleston.

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