Is Seo Soojin blacklisted?

Cancel culture is a very common phenomenon in the world of showbiz. One controversial story reaching the media could cause a celebrity everything. Such is the adversity K-pop idol, Seo Soojin is currently up against.

Early last year, news spread that the sweet South Korean singer was in fact a big bully who had oppressed many of her classmates back in school, one of the alleged victims being Korean actress, Seo Shin Ae.

While Soojin has remained silent and has not said anything regarding the serious allegations leveled against her, the police say that their investigations found everything Her accusers said to be true.

Bullying is a serious issue, especially in Korea and Soojin not coming out to clear her name has led many to conclude that she is in fact, guilty of the crime.

The source of many people’s anger is the fact that the allegations totally go against the brand Soojin established for herself, it is going to be hard to see the female idol in the same sweet light as before after this.

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