Is Gautam Adani a Self-Made Billionaire?

The Indian businessman was born in Ahmedabad and grew up in a textile family. The Adani family ran a textile business, but Gautam was ambitious from a very young age and dropped out of school.

He later attended Gujarat University, but didn’t finish his degree, and never intended to work for his father’s textile unit. Instead, he worked at a diamond sorting unit, and later expanded into renewable energy.

Gautam Adani was a diamond sorter

Before becoming a multi-billionaire, Gautam Adani worked as a diamond sorter in Mumbai. His first job there lasted around two to three years and gave him an insight into the diamond business. Afterward, he set up his own diamond brokerage business.

By age 20, Adani had already made millions. He diversified his business into commodities trading and even bought PVC for his brother’s plastic factory.

He became a commodities billionaire

The story of Gautam Adani’s rise to billionaire status is an enthralling one. Born in Ahmedabad, India, he is one of the youngest commodities billionaires in the world.

Despite his young age, Adani showed great ambition, dropping out of school in his second year to work in a diamond sorting unit in Zaveri Bazaar. He eventually went on to become CEO of Adani Ports and SEZ, overseeing the development of Adani ports all over India.

He expanded into renewable energy

Gautam Adani, a billionaire from India, is expanding into renewable energy. While he has made billions in ports and power generation, he also has invested in solar and wind energy.

The $30 billion investment will shake the 15-year-old Indian renewable energy ecosystem. It will extend across all forms of renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydropower, and hydrogen.

However, Ambani’s use of the word “enable” leads most observers to assume that he is expanding into renewable energy as a key equipment supplier.

In fact, Adani already has a presence in power generation, transmission, and distribution. He is likely to continue to do so and expand into distribution.

He was a hostage in the Taj Hotel during 26/11

Billionaire Gautam Adani was a hostage in the Taj Hotel during the September 11 attacks. He was eating dinner at the hotel’s Weather Craft restaurant when the terrorists struck.

While he couldn’t see the attackers, he could still see them shooting in the direction of the hotel’s lift and swimming pool passage. When the attack started, Adani and other hotel guests were evacuated to the basement and the Taj chamber hall on the upper floor.

The hotel staff and the hostages hid from the terrorists there for several hours before commandos arrived to free them.

He is a first-generation entrepreneur

A dropout from Gujarat, Gautam Adani is a first-generation entrepreneur and self-made billionaire.

He was raised in a middle-class family and later dropped out of school to try his luck in Mumbai and then Gujarat. His business interests are vast and spread around the world.

He has ventured into the fields of oil and gas distribution, coal trading, ports, multi-modal logistics, power generation, and other areas.

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