Is FouseyTube related to Drake?


After claiming that a star was scheduled to perform at his show, YouTuber Fousey claimed that Drake had never met him.

Drake is correcting YouTube star Fousey after he led his followers to believe that the rapper was going to appear at his cancelled concert.


In addition to not having been scheduled to appear at Fousey’s concert on Sunday, sources close to Drake tell The Blast that he “definitely doesn’t know that guy” and that this is the first time he has ever heard of him.

For those who don’t know, Fousey is a well-known YouTube prankster who has spent the past week promoting a last-minute, massive free concert called “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” at the Greek Theatre that was abruptly cancelled due to a false bomb threat.


Fousey heavily promoted the concert in the days before the event, claiming that his new BFF Drake was going to make an appearance.

With YouTube videos and dozens of tweets featuring Drake’s image, hashtag, and use of his song “God’s Plan” in conjunction with his event, Fousey promoted the celebrity appearance.

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