Is Erin Burnett Gay?

You may have been wondering is Erin Burnett gay. After all, she has a long list of supporters and detractors. Are you worried about the way she looks? And if you are, you’re probably also wondering whether she’s married to David Rubulotta. If you’re curious about Erin Burnett’s personal life, read on to discover more about David and her career. Also, find out what Her weight loss means.


David Rubulotta

In 2004, David Rubulotta and Erin Burnette went on a blind date. David was a stockbroker with the Bloomberg Company at the time, while Erin was a vice president with CitiMedia. They later got engaged in 2011 and married on December 21, 2012. There is no word on whether or not David is gay. It is likely that he is. The couple have been together since then.


Erin Burnett’s husband

It’s no secret that the actress and comedian Erin Burnett is gay. However, the question of whether her husband is gay or straight has many fans asking the same question. While the actress is not out about her sexual orientation, she has maintained an up-to-date social media profile. This article provides some answers. Erin Burnett’s husband is gay. The couple’s relationship was first revealed when the star went on a date with actor Nick Offerman.

Erin Burnett career

If you are a fan of CNN, you must be wondering if Erin Burnett is gay. She is a married woman with three children, and the anchor of the news show “Erin Burnett OutFront”. She is a celebrity in the media industry, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Her career has landed her in the forefront of many media trends, and her personal life is no exception.

Erin Burnett weight loss

Erin Burnett is not gay, lesbian or even overweight. She is married to a financial professional, David Rubulotta. She is a well-known American financial professional and entrepreneur. Her weight loss has caused a slew of rumors about her relationship status. Erin Burnett is not single, and her weight loss has largely been linked to her career.

Erin Burnett marriage to David Rubulotta

Erin Burnett is a CNN news anchor and her husband, David Rubulotta, is a banker. He’s a managing director at Citigroup and earned $320,000 a year in 2018. His net worth is estimated at $12 million, but his relationship with Burnett has been questioned by fans and the media. David and Erin have three children together: Colby Isabelle, Owen Thomas, and twins Cooper and Henry.