Is Brittney Griner Transsexual?

You may be wondering, “Is Brittney Griner transsexual?” Well, first of all, let’s get some facts straight. The American Basketball participant plays for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.

She’s the first female to score more than 2,000 points or block 500 shots in college basketball.

Griner is also the first female to earn three All-American awards at the NCAA. She was also named the AP Player of the Year in 2012, and the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Participant in 2012.

While there are many rumors about her sexual orientation, a few sources have clarified her stance.

Although it’s still unclear whether Griner is a transsexual, she has a history of public outings. In fact, her father was not supportive of her coming out as a lesbian, and he did not support the idea when she first came out.

Her parents did not like the fact that she was a lesbian, so they did not embrace it. Despite this, her stance on sexuality is still controversial.

Despite the recent scandal involving the Phoenix Mercury center, Griner has been praised as a talented player. She leads the WNBA in blocks per game and scoring.

She has also earned a place in the history of LGBTQ sports, with several other prominent athletes coming out publicly.

Whether Griner is a lesbian or a transsexual is a matter of opinion, but she has never shied away from her sexuality.

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