Is Brittney Griner Gay?

As one of the most accomplished players in the WNBA, it’s no wonder that many have asked “Is Brittney Griner gay?” Since her 2013 coming out as a lesbian, Griner has gone on to become a celebrated and much-maligned lesbian athlete.

In a Sports Illustrated interview, fellow athlete Skylar Diggins said that Griner handled the negative attention she received with class. In addition to being a WNBA star, Griner has become a passionate advocate for LGBT equality in sports.

In September, a Russian news outlet published a picture of Griner leaning against a wall and holding a piece of paper.

The photograph was taken in a police station, and was subsequently released on Russian state television. While the reason for her arrest is unknown, it could be connected to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as the Russian government has blocked consular access to her.

This, however, shouldn’t cause too much concern as the US embassy in Russia did not respond to a request for comment.

The truth about Griner’s sexuality was revealed shortly after she was drafted in the NBA. While the fact that she’s gay wasn’t exactly surprising, it generated very little buzz in her new home city of Phoenix. However, fans reacted positively to her coming out.

She is a lanky Houston native with deep voice and bigger hands than LeBron James.

She wore a size 17 shoe when she first played in the NBA, but the news was made public the day before she was drafted by the Phoenix Suns. Her emergence has led to many questions.

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