Is 03 Greedo still in jail?

American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer 03 Greedo was born Jason Jamal Jackson on July 26, 1987, but is better known by his stage name, 03 Greedo.

He is from the Watts neighborhood of the county of Los Angeles, California. It was with the release of the first mixtape in his Purple Summer series in 2016 that he first garnered widespread attention.

After then, he received more notice from the general public after the publication of his mixtape titled “The Wolf of Grape Street.” God Level, the artist’s first album to be recorded in a studio, was released on June 26, 2018.

Is 03 Greedo still in jail?

In July of 2018, he was given a sentence of 20 years in jail on charges of drug trafficking and possession of a firearm; however, if he maintains good behavior during that time, he will be available for parole in five years. In spite of the fact that he is serving time, he has continued to put out a lot of songs.

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