The removal of 37 movies from the HBO Max collection last week startled lovers of anime and the streaming service.

HBO Max’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, did not begin operating in a chaotic manner on August 17.

Its provenance can be tracked back to at least a month ago, according to Decider’s investigation.

Fungi, one of numerous episodes recently removed from the streaming service, was created by Stephen Neary.

“The show was previously pulled down in a few overseas areas a month ago,” Decider reported. I was unsure of why it was so silent. Neri was aware that it was possible that his show might be permanently removed from his gushing home. It didn’t take long for this worst-case scenario to come true.

Neri continued, “We haven’t actually been notified of any of those alternatives. And nobody at Cartoon Network is to blame for it, in my opinion. I am aware that it is the outcome of this significant corporate combination. Just startled, that’s all.

This is the startling fact that many series creators encountered during a campaign that disproportionately targeted animation and kid-friendly media. Following Discovery’s acquisition of WarnerMedia, a large-scale withdrawal of 37 titles from the streaming service took place; of them, 20 were HBO Max originals. Streaming original content has had a certain level of security attached to it for years. Although the number of viewers may be unknown to the creators, it is assumed that if a show is original to one of these services, it will always have a home when broadcasting.

As the series’ creators witnessed years of dedication and labor, some of which took place amid a global pandemic, fade overnight, even that gleam of safety has now completely disappeared.

The cuts are challenging to comprehend. Some of the programs—including Grandpa’s Uncle and the Mighty Magiswords—have been eliminated.

It has long since expired. Other examples include Summer Camp Island And before their unofficial removal, Victor and Valentino want to release more episodes.

Warner gave my clients reassurance that they wouldn’t be included in the tax write-offs we witnessed with Bat Girl. The Scoop, too Also, phrases like “Owen Dennis, creator of the Infinity Train, said.”

The problem with deducting taxes is that you can’t profit from doing so. They never appear again, nobody can see them, they can never be shared, and you can never profit from them in any way. Therefore, I’m not sure what that means. We’ll see if they decide to reconsider, if anything, or if there is a legal snag that we are not all aware of.

Additionally, problems with HBO Max that were previously hidden from the public were made apparent by this wholesale removal. The show’s director, tee to seek Myke Chillian, said during a Twitch broadcast on August 22 that his series was intended to debut on Cartoon Network for a younger demographic.

You can make it old now, WarnerMedia told him, right as it was agreed that the show should be an HBO Max original. Any show must always overcome the hurdle of radical creative alterations. The difficulty is multiplied when it comes to animation, a form of media that ought to have been developed months or even years before.

After getting the go-ahead for Cartoon Network, Neri’s show was also moved to HBO Max, which, in his perspective, made targeting the show more challenging. “[The Fungies] It wasn’t actually a component of a larger narrative. It was aimed for a younger audience. “I think a lot of that was lost when we moved to HBO Max,” Neri remarked. “Many musicals that perform well live are plays with lengthy tales, so they were always in a difficult situation from the get-go.”

The question of advertising then arose. HBO Max didn’t know how to market to children, and Cartoon Network, the presenter of the program, was not interested in advertising for a program that wasn’t their own. “ That is what Chillian and I mentioned yesterday on Twitch Stream. Everyone was telling us that HBO Max was the appropriate course of action in the interim.

This remarkable action received a variety of responses. Ellen DeGeneres’ cartoon character Little Elaine co-author Jennifer Skelly called the cancellation of her show “disruptive” She withdrew the first two seasons of her program, but there are still 20 episodes of Little Elaine. Many of them have first-time writing and directorial credits, but they won’t be made public. Summer camp island creator Julia Bot blasted WB Discovery for having “no respect for artists” in her initial tweet over removal. Levon Jihanian, Technical Director of Tee to Seek, tweeted, “I made this for them,” while pointing to his kids.

Following these removals, HBO Max also decided to scrap a number of scheduled animated movies, leaving others in limbo. Victor Courtwright Driftwood was among the losses, and films like Merry Little Batman The highly anticipated television shows Batman: Caped Crusader, The Day the Earth Exploded: The Looney Tunes Movie, Bye Bye Bunny: The Looney Tunes Musical, and Did You Do It Over the Holidays: The Steve Urkel Story without a definite home at the moment.

It’s really unfortunate, Dennis said. They moved through Sesame Street. [Editor’s Note: Sesame Street was only removed in roughly 200 episodes by HBO Max.] Elmo and Sesame Street were among the offers to be removed, right? Do you want to cancel a children’s program that was on because grandparents are now watching as well as the children’s parents? You want to get rid of this, is that right? Ah, come on.

HBO Max cited a statement the firm had previously made on the cancellation of Gordita Records in response to Decider’s inquiry about these removals and whether or not more should be anticipated. The announcement added, “Programs for children and families will not be the focus of our programs for the foreseeable future.” It should be noted that not all 37 titles were related to animation or children’s programming.

Neri seems to be concentrating on the good in the wake of this turmoil. “I’m grateful to Cartoon Network Studios and HBO for funding The Fungies, and I’m incredibly delighted that I was able to make it. It was always the kind of Saturday morning animation you grew up watching on PBS—quiet, cozy, and eerie—that can really pull you in. I believe that building a foundation for this kind of show on a major network would have been challenging. However, it is very welcomed if supporters do anything right now to support the original concepts.

A surge of fan support led to his removal. In a blog post, the developer listed the greatest and worst ways that followers can support these services. The reason Warner Bros. Discovery doesn’t pay for creators’ hangovers is also explained in the same publication. “I experience a lot of support from the animation industry as a whole. Therefore, it wasn’t all that horrible,” Dennis stated.

Despite how unpleasant this experience was, Dennis still had faith in the future of animation. In the upcoming years, he believes that both in cinemas and on streaming services, there will be an increase in projects targeted at adults and young adults. It is unclear whether Warner Bros. Discovery will play a role in this future or not.

“I think what we have right now are some people who may not be fully in touch with the future of animation. It’s just kind of like ‘Good animation is the stuff you see on Saturday morning, right?’” Whatever it is, it’s rubbish. ” And then he threw it away because that’s clearly how they feel about it,” Dennis said. “If they didn’t feel that way, they could feel free to make a statement at some point, but they didn’t. So they obviously agree with all the rumors and all the speculation everyone was throwing in there.”


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