Ikenna Ekwonna Height, Age, Girlfriend. Love Island 2022.

Ikenna Ekwonna was born in Nottingham in England. He was known a little before joining the Love Island reality show this year. He is a pharmaceutical salesman in Nottingham.

Ikenna works for Astra Zeneca and Immunization organization during the COVID pandemic. He distributs essential COVID vaccines to the public in supply chain.


Ikenna Ekwonna Height

His height is not specifically known but he is believed to be 6’0″ feet.

Ikenna Ekwonna Age

He was born in 1999, which makes him a 23 years old man. Nothing is known about his origins but he holds British nationality.


Ikenna Ekwonna Girlfriend

Ikenna has dated once and is ready to find love, so he can pamper her. There’s not much that can be found of whom his ex is.

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