How Waec Wassce Exams Are Marked

The Waec grading system is generally about how candidates are graded based on the examination they have written and this is done by the West African Examinations Council.

This includes how the papers are being marked, how the various grades are given to candidates based on the marks acquired in the various subjects.

Students sometimes call for remarking when they are not satisfied with their results.

Waec Grading System

Waec grade students by using the marks obtained in the subject.

This is done by striking the examination score(70%) and the Continues Assessment obtained by the students in his school. Every school sends their continuous assessment to Waec to use in Grading students.

MARKS                             GRADING

75-100                               A-1

70-74                                 B-2

65- 69                                B-3           

60-64                                 C-4

55-59                                 C-5

50-54                                 C-6

45-49                                 D- 7

40-44                                 E-8

0-39                                   F-9

Interpretation Of Waec Grading System

Every grade in the system has its interpretation, 



  1.                  Excellent
  2.                   Very Good
  3.                    Credit
  4.                     Pass
  5.                      Pass
  6.                       Fail

NOTE Waec Grading System is not constant because it varies depending on the performance of the students,

When the students perform very well the marking scheme will be high and if the performance is poor the scheme will be below.

For instance, if the highest score in Mathematics 2021 Wace is 60 meaning that the student is getting an A and the rest follows.

What Happens After Papers Are Collected From Examination Centers

The examination papers are being sent to the Waec Centers in the country.

Where examiners are called to come for marking, after the examiner’s mark and submit scripts chief examiners go through the various scripts to check and ensure that accurate work is done.

Waec Remarking

Candidates who are not satisfied with their results and are interested in remarking on their scripts are to report the complaints to their various school heads thus where they wrote the examination, and private candidates are to also report to the nearest Waec office.

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