Seo Soojin is a 24 year old South Korean singer and former lead dancer and member of Cube Entertainment’s (G) Idle. She presently stands at 164 centimeters in height, that is 5 ft 5 inches when converted into feet.

Aside her natural charm, indeliberate cuteness and impressive stage presence, there are other features of the young singer that continue to win her fan loyalty. Many fans are in love with Soojin’s tattoos, but one other natural reason people are crazy about the singer is her perfect model figure and height. She was the second tallest member of her former group, (G) Idle.

Miss Soojin’s height is right in the center of the invisible line that was drawn to differentiate between the tall and the petite. She is average height and weighs approximately 43kg.

Her entire body size in addition to her dance skills and adorable personality just make it impossible to not stare at the diva more than necessary.


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