Before the public found out about the pregnancy, Britney Spears had been in a 13-year conservatorship. This conservatorship, which allowed Britney to have very limited control over her life, ended last year after a public legal battle.

The singer has two teenage sons, Sean Preston and Asghari, and admitted to having depression during her previous pregnancy.

During the conservatorship, Britney was forced to use contraceptives, including an IUD. After a public mental health crisis, she was allowed to have another child, but she had to keep the contraceptive device.

How old was Britney when she announced her pregnancy? She announced the news on Instagram. She shared the news while vacationing in Maui with her boyfriend, actor Sam Asghari.

The new mom-to-be was not too shy about sharing the news with her fans, as she posted her baby bump photos. The post was received with great fanfare and caused the paparazzi to flurry. However, the tabloids were harshly critical of the singer as a new mother.

Despite the controversy surrounding the IUD, Britney Spears is now free of the conservatorship. Her two sons with Kevin Federline are now teenagers.

However, Britney Jenner is still open to having another baby. She and Asghari have been speaking about welcoming another child together. However, despite the heartbreaking nature of her confession at the conservatorship hearing, it is still not clear if she is now pregnant.


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