Hosting The Late Show turned out to be a big break for Stephen Colbert, both career-wise and financially. Prior to his successful late night show on CBS, Stephen had hosted the Colbert Report, a show on Comedy Central
from 2005 to 2014. The show was however not as much of a hit as the current one he is hosting.

The 58 year old Grammy winning TV host is estimated to be making an annual salary of approximately $25 million from his job as the host of the popular TV show, The Late Show.

Currently, he is believed to possess a total of $78 million in his name. Colbert’s annual income also comes from his other professional ventures in acting, movie production, comedy, writing and from his own production company, Spartina Productions of which his wife is the Vice President.

His success in all his corporate and entrepreneurial ventures have contributed to his ever growing net worth.


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