How do i text Jesse Watters?


Text Jesse Watters: Jesse Watters is the host of a new primetime show. On January 24, 2022, Jesse Watters Primetime broadcasted his text number 929-286-7479 for general consumption.

Text Jesse Watters


He specifically requested that the entire country text him so that he could hear what they were thinking.

He wants the audience to be a part of the presentation, and he has established an open line of communication with the country to hear their opinions.


He also reads and responds to text messages from listeners live. People have praised his idea of showing the reactions of viewers to the program.

Who is Jesse Watters?

Jesse Bailey Watters is an American conservative political commentator on Fox News. He frequently appeared on the political talk show The O’Reilly Factor and was known for his man-on-the-street interviews, featured in his segment “Watters’ World”, which would become its own show in 2015. Wikipedia

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