HLN Net Worth – Dr Drew Pinsky


The net worth of Drew Pinsky is estimated to be more than twenty million dollars by 2021. In addition to his role on the television network, he has also appeared in movies and TV shows. His self-titled podcast, available on streaming platforms, features interviews with business newsmakers, politicians, and medical experts, who speak on various health-related issues affecting the United States. He is a highly-respected American TV personality, a highly-trained internist, and a specialist in addiction medicine. His networth is estimated to reach twenty million dollars by 2022.

The net wealth of Drew Pinsky is estimated to be $20 million. The medical practitioner is also a talk show host and radio host. His career in media began during his medical studies. He joined KROQ-FM as a doctor during the late eighties and was a part of the “Ask a Surgeon” segment, which was hosted by Jim Trenton and Egil Aalvik. In 1995, the show was picked up by MTV. He remained on the program until 2016, and his net worth has increased significantly.


The net worth of Drew Pinsky is approximately twenty million dollars. The physician is a regular medical analyst on the network HLN. He has a medical degree and works as an internist and addiction medicine specialist. His networth is estimated to be around twenty million dollars. As of 2018, he is 65 years old. He also has a high net worth. It is important to note that he does not have a traditional source of income.

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