Guinness World Records recognizes this towering adolescent as the woman with the world’s longest legs, with her limbs nearly reaching the height of popular actor Danny Devito.

Who is the Female with the Longest Legs in the world?

Maci Currin, 19, holds two world records: the longest female legs and the longest teenage legs, and her astounding feat has garnered her legions of social media admirers.

Maci is overlaid next to actor Danny Devito, who stands four feet ten inches tall.

Maci’s legs account for 60% of her whole height, standing at six-foot-ten. Her right leg is 134.3cm long, and her left leg is 135.36cm long, making her just about 12cm shorter than Danny Devito, who stands at 147cm.

Rather than trying to hide from the spotlight, Maci has embraced her slim figure and the attention it brings, utilizing her TikTok and Instagram profiles to spread body positivity messages to her over two million followers.

Maci, of Cedar Park, Texas, told The US Sun that she launched her TikTok channel as a joke, but she felt driven to use her newfound platform for good after one of her videos racked up 36.1 million views.

“Since [my video went viral], my family has encouraged me to write about my height and experiences,” she explained.

“I discovered self-love and self-acceptance via posting, and I wanted to show that being tall isn’t as horrible as people make it out to be.”

Why is Maci Currin so tall?

Although Currin’s family is far from petite — her father stands at 6-foot-5 and her mother at 5-foot-7 — she is significantly taller than both of them, with her legs making up 60% of her height. Her right leg measures 53.255 inches, and her slightly shorter left leg comes in at 52.874 inches

Who has the longest female legs in the world?

Maci CurrinHer incredible stature has many practical implications in everyday life. Maci Currin was in elementary school when her doctors predicted she’d grow up to be 6 feet, 4 inches tall as an adult.

How tall is the girl with the world’s longest legs?

Maci Currin always knew she was tall, but she never expected her long limbs to earn any record-breaking titles. In fact, the 6-foot-10-inch teenager only submitted herself to Guinness World Records in jest — so when she broke two world records, no one was more surprised.

Who is the girl with the longest legs in America?

Maci CurrinMaci Currin, a 17-year-old from Texas in the US, has broken the Guinness World Record for the woman with the longest legs. Her left leg is 135.3cm long, and her right leg 134.3cm long.

Who is the tallest teen girl in the world?

Sultan Kosen stands at 8-feet and 2.8-inches. Ren Keyu, a 14-year-old from China, officially became the tallest teenager in the world in 2020. The teenager, who hails from Leshan City, in the southwestern province of Sichuan, measured 7.25 feet on his 14th birthday, which fell on 18 October.


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