Guides To Pass May 2021 NTC licensure Exams

NTC Rolled out the teacher licensing examination 3years ago. 

So far, the examination has yielded positive results with few issues encountered. 

Passing the  NTC licensure exams is as simple as ABC and failing the exams is as easy as mentioning your name. 

However, with the right and adequate preparation, candidates will write the exams body and emerge with flying colors.

In this article, we have a complete guide on all that will make you pass the examination with ease. 

To begin with, just like any other examination, you must be adequately prepared for the examination. 

How to prepare for the NTC licensure examination. 

I wrote my NTC licensure examination in 2021, during the first wave of the novel Corona virus, preparing for the exams was super easy. I developed a simple strategy to prepare for the exam that worked like magic. 

Will share them with you. 

I started my preparation by looking at the summary of all the selected topics for each hour subject by stake holders. 

With regards to the examination, each subject has a number of topics to cover

  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Essential skills 

From my experience, just stick to this topics, all questions in the licensure exams are from these topics. 

Again, another key guide to take note of is to only learn the main idea or concept under this topics. Don’t waste  time learn the entire topics as some topics are really broad. Remember this is a certification exams and will only test you on your understanding of the subject matter. 

Learn with pass questions,

A very good practice for anytime of exams to to solve past questions prior to your exams. 

Whiles learning the topics as said above, look for past questions under each topic and solve them, similar questions will appear in your examination. 

Remember you only need 50% of the total mark to pass so  each confident.

Few days to the exams, “Apor”  questions will start dropping, solve the ones you can and look for solution for the once you  can’t solve. 

Do not ignore this questions once there are under the selected topics for the exams. Learn the “Apor” quickly and move on with your studies. 

For essential skills, depending on “Apor” is a deadly! 

Do not memorize multiple choice answers. 

Always read the question before selecting answers. 

During the examination, try to write down your understanding for the questions, you were trained and thought most of those questions. The answers you know are the right answers.

Once your follow the guides above, you will pass the exams with ease!


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