Gibi ASMR Nationality, Real Name, YouTube, Instagram & Height

Gibi ASMR is an American ASMR performer, YouTube personality, Twitch streamer, and cosplayer.


Gibi ASMR was born on December 19, 1994, in the United States of America. Gibi ASMR is 27 years old as of 2022. She is an American by nationality. Regarding her family background, Gibi ASMR has not revealed any information regarding her biological father, mother or siblings. Therefore, it is not known whether she has any siblings or not.

Concerning her educational background, Gibi ASMR studied theatre and film. She later graduated with the class of 2017 from Northwestern University’s School of Communication with a Bachelor of Science in Film.

Gibi ASMR rose to popularity via the internet. She launched her YouTube channel in June 2016, before her senior year of college. She also created her Twitch channel in 2017 where she streams ASMR and plays video games.

In 2019, Gibi ASMR hosted a web miniseries by Rooster Teeth called Encounter Culture. Polydor Records approached her in 2019 to perform an ASMR read-through of Billie Eilish’s album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? She freely recorded the project which has amassed over 3 million views as of now.

In 2019, Gibi ASMR starred in Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese, an official feature-length ASMR project about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Her videos have been recommended by authors for Bustle, Den of Geek,, and Insider.

Gibi ASMR has been praised by Jamie Lauren Keiles in The New York Times Magazine as “the LeBron James of touching stuff”. Gibi ASMR tied the knot with her husband, Ben in 2019. The duo met at Northwestern.

Gibi ASMR YouTube

Gibi ASMR owns and runs the YouTube channel, Gibi ASMR which has been active since 2016. So far, she has gained a total subscriber count of 4.46 million along with total views of over 1.5 billion

What is GIBI Asmrs real name?

In November 2020, Gibi ASMR revealed her first name as Gina.

What nationality is GIBI Asmr?

Gibi ASMR is an American by nationality. She was born in the United States of America.

What did Gibi study?

Gibi ASMR was a film major at Northwestern University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Film.

Gibi ASMR Height

Gibi ASMR is above-average stature. She is around 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

Gibi ASMR Instagram

Gibi ASMR has an active Instagram account with the username (@gibiofficial) where she has 380k followers.

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