Apply for Ghanaian Emergency Travel Certificate

Ghanaian Emergency Travel Certificate

Here is how to apply for Emergency Travel Certificate as a Ghanaian citizen when you lost your passport abroad

Apply for Ghanaian Emergency Travel Certificate In-Person Application

  1. Visit the Ghana diplomatic mission near you and express your interest, please note that same of the embassy required you to first book an appointment with them before visiting the embassy office.
  2. Fill out the application form, which can be obtained from the embassy offices or download it via the embassy website if available.
  3. Submit the duly completed application form along with the supporting documents (listed below) for processing.
  4. Pay the required processing fees.
  5. If the authorized official is satisfied that all the documents are in order you will be notified of the outcome in 2 working days, re-visit the embassy and collect the travel certificate.

Applicants who want their processed Travel Certificate sent to them by post are advised to attach one of the following to their request(s):

  • A registered self-addressed envelope with the appropriate stamps (letter recommendée);
  • A pre-paid envelope from any recognized courier service provider.
  • Please note Not all embassies offer the post/mail return service (please consult with the embassy)

NOTE: You can file your application and book an appointment online in some embassies, please confirm with you embassy if they offer this service since not all embassies offer the service.

Emergency Travel Certificate In Ghana Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration
Post Office Box M53, Accra – Ghana
Physical Address: No. 5 AgostinhoNeto Rd. Liberation Avenue, Airport Residential Area, Accra.
GPS Address: GA-057-0036
Tel: +233 30 299 9604 / +233 30 2738 473
Email: /
Website: Website Link

Ghanaian Emergency Travel Certificate Eligibility

  • All Ghanaian citizens who had travel abroad and had their passport lost/stolen/damage or don’t have a valid Ghanaian passport.

Ghanaian Emergency Travel Certificate Validity

  • Travel certificate is valid for one (1) month and is for a single journey to Ghana

Ghanaian Emergency Travel Certificate

  • The application fees varies between Embassies.(please consult the embassy near you)

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