Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Scholarships for Colleges of Education Students

Over the years, Colleges of education students feel it is practically impossible to gain scholarships to enable them to pursue their college education.

In this article, we providing a complete guide on how you can apply and get a scholarship to further your college education here in Ghana.

Basically, Government scholarships in Ghana are awarded by the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Annually the Secretariat opens its application portal for both fresh students and continuing students to apply. shortlisted students are called for interviews and successful applicants are awarded various scholarships.

Read On ✌️ Ghana scholarship Portal‘s main aim is to make tertiary education easy for you. we come across vital information that we must share with you college students.

Navigating through the Ghana secretariat websites we saw colleges of education and nursing training students form part of the eligible students that can apply for the scholarships. Below is a screenshot.

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat
Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Scholarships for Colleges of Education Students

So as a college of education student, you can apply, both fresh and continuing students.

Currently. Ghana Scholarship secretariate applications are closed for continuing students, Students who may gain admission to colleges of education this year may however apply before 30th September 2021.

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