Apply for Ghana National Identification Card

The Ghana Card is a national identity card that is issued by the Ghanaian authorities to Ghanaian citizens – both resident and non-resident, and legally and permanently resident foreign nationals.

It is proof of identity, citizenship, and residence of the holder. The current version is in ID1 format and biometric.

How to apply for Ghana National Identification Card

  • In order to obtain a Ghana National Identification Card, an individual must register with the National Identification Authority. The registration process in Ghana involves creation of digital identities;
  • it is a one time process where an individual is required to go to the registration centre where personal information, fingerprints and digital photograph are captured for identification.
  • Below are the processes of registration and obtain a Ghana National Identification Card.

1.The process starts with capturing of personal information of the applicant: This involves recording the applicants person information.

  • The applicant goes to a nearby registration centre and acquires a specially designed National Identification Authority (NIA) registration application form;
  • The officials at the centre assist the applicant in filling the form;
  • After filling the registration form the applicant must then cross check to ensure correctness of information recorded; and
  • After crossing submit form to the Mobile Registration Workstation (MRW) Operator.

2.After submission of form, biometric data of applicant is captured by the Mobile Registration Workstation (MRW) Operator:

  • At this level the fingerprints of applicant are taken, the digital photo and signature are also taken and the height of applicant is measured.
  • The biometric data and personal information are then merged to create a digital identity for the applicant.

3.After the information has been combined and a digital identity is created, the profile of applicant is printed out on a collection slip which is given to the applicant

  • The applicant cross the slip to ensure correctness of information;
  • The applicant then keeps the slip for reference;
  • The applicant is advised on when to come back for his / her identification card;

4.When the card is ready, the applicant comes back for the identification document and must come with the collection slip that was issued on the day of registration. And below is what is done when an applicant comes for his / her identification card

  • Report to the Distribution Officer.
  • Present registration slip or verification document to the Verification Officer.
  • Verification officer checks through list to know if Card is ready or not.
  • If the card is ready, the officer puts it in the pick out box and stamps registration slip indicating it as processed and sends it to the Authentication Officer.
  • At the desk of the Authentication Officer fingerprint are taken for authentication.
  • Then if they match, the registration slip is stamped delivered and you will receive the Card.

Required Documents To Apply for Ghana National Identification Card

1.Identification documents ( birth certificates, drivers licenses and passport)

2.Citizenship verification document;

Eligibility for Ghana National Identification Card

Fifteen (15) years and above

Office Locations & Contacts Ghana National Identification Card

1.National Identification Authority (NIA)

Near WAEC Guest House

Airport West, Accra

P.O Box M680

Ministries Post Office

Telephone: (233)-302-218 080 / (233)-302-931 612 / (233)-302-933 688 / (233)-302-933 674

Email: [email protected]


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