GES Recruitment And Posting Requirements


The Ghana Education Service is a government agency under the Ministry of Education responsible for implementing government policies that ensure that Ghanaians of school-going age irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, disability, religious and political dispositions receive quality formal education.

GES Recruitment And Posting Requirements

Ghana Education Service (GES) requirement guidelines to recruit both qualified newly trained teachers and tertiary graduates who offered education-related programs for the GES recruitment.

Newly trained teachers who wish to work with GES must fulfill the following requirements;

  1. Must have Completed and passed the final-year College of Education Examination.
  2. Must have Graduated from your tertiary education institution(For second cycle teachers)
  3. Must have Passed the Teacher Licensure Examination.
  4. Must have Completed the mandatory National Service
  5. Must be prepared and ready to work wherever they will be posted by the GES.

GES Recruitment And Posting Documents

Here are the documents you will need for GES Posting

  1. Your Birth Certificate
  2. Your Senior High Certificate (WASSCE)
  3. Your Junior High Certificate (BECE)
  4. Your SSNIT Number / TIN
  5. Your NTC Certificate

You will not be posted if you lack this documents