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FC Barcelona Football Academy

BARÇA Academy is the flagship FC Barcelona school aimed at boys and girls between 6 and 18 years of age and its main objective is to provide a comprehensive training environment for their pupils.

This method of schooling, exported to the rest of the world, attempts to extend the Barça model and promote the Club’s working philosophy internationally.

The BARÇA Academy works via their own particular model, based on the Barça methodology which includes a creative and attacking brand of football and the promotion of positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and humility.


The official BARÇA football academy is a school of life that nurtures young people through football. Its aim is to take the club’s style of play to the world, giving any boy or girl who identifies with our values ​​and who wants to learn to play like BARÇA the opportunity to become a BARÇA player.

This football education programme was developed by combining both training and competition, based on BARÇA’s methodology. This is a methodology that aims to develop autonomous and creative players who represent the BARÇA values (humility, effort, ambition, respect and teamwork), are capable of organising themselves as a group to play attractive football, and are characterised by taking the initiative through possession of the ball.

At the BARÇA Academy, players have fun playing football, practicing moves set within the specific context of the game. They also have to find solutions to these situations by using their skills, working in coordination with their teammates and subsequently being able to act efficiently and efficaciously when playing competitive football the BARÇA way. Players are guided by BARÇA coaches, who support them with decision making and ensure that the players themselves are always at the heart of their own learning process.

The club’s own, unique methodology is designed for sharing the BARÇA system with the world, exporting its style on an international scale through the BARÇA Academies in all five continents. Each of these BARÇA Academies is run by a Project Director trained at BARÇA, who receives specialist assistance from Barcelona and whose role is to implement this successful methodology, adapting it to the particularities of each region, and thereby making sure that our football becomes universal.

BARÇA Residency Academy USA

BARÇA Residency Academy USA, opened in August 2017, is the first and to date only residential academy in the club’s international program. Located in the city of Casa Grande (Arizona), it came out of the agreement between FC Barcelona and Grande Sports World (GSA), and is a leading sporting and educational residential academy for young soccer players in the United States.

With this project, the BARÇA Residency Academy has been able to offer a new training opportunity to its players in an idyllically perfect setting for their comprehensive development. Named best training facility by the US Soccer Federation (USSF) for three years in a row, BARÇA Residency Academy USA provides players with on-site compulsory education, university preparation, nutritional control, dormitories, accompaniment, an athletics training complex and eight training fields.

BARÇA Residency Academy USA is run by 2 Local Project Directors (DPL) arrived from the coach pool of FC Barcelona, who are responsible for implementing the BARÇA methodology throughout all soccer processes, and ensuring that the BARÇA playing style and values are assimilated by all coaches, players and teams (nine from U15 to U19). These players are mainly from different US states, but some come from other BARÇA Academies and countries around the world, and they all had to pass certain entrance trials to get in.

Four teams play in the MLS Next, the highest youth level competition in North America, which ensures alignment of competitive requirements with top quality training, offering our players more opportunities to achieve their goals of becoming professional players and/or getting scholarships for the best colleges in the USA. So far, all graduate players have obtained a university scholarship or signed a professional contract.

FC Barcelona Football Academy

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