Apple has started using some of its retail stores to ship products to consumers, claims Bloomberg.
Usually, devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, and accessories are shipped from warehouses or directly from China, where most of Cupertino giant’s products are manufactured.

To expedite delivery and improve profit margins, the company will now apparently use some retail stores in the US and Canada as distribution centers. 

In the US, in-stock items will be shipped through FedEx Corp. United Parcel Service Inc. will be used for deliveries in Canada. 

Apple began piloting the program with a small number of outlets after stores began re-opening in June following pandemic related closures. The program has been expanded to more locations since then, but it doesn’t cover the entire network of nearly 300 stores across the US and Canada at the moment. 

The new approach will improve delivery times for customers who live closer to a store than a warehouse. The program will reportedly apply to people who reside within 100 miles from a store.

As a result, some customers may get items as soon as a day after order placement. Currently, Apple takes two to three business days on average to ship products.

The company will internally decide whether to send a product via a distribution center or a store, and consumers won’t have a say in the decision. 

The new model will also help Apple put retail outlets to good use when lockdown-like restrictions impact their operations.


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