Xbox Series S Release date price specs

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series S console leaked earlier today, just before the company officially confirmed its $299 pricing. Now a new leak is providing more details on exactly what’s inside the smaller Xbox Series S. Twitter leaker WalkingCat has posted a promotional video for the Series S, confirming that the console is targeting 120fps gaming at up to 1440p resolution and offering 512GB of storage.

The Xbox Series S will also include support for ray tracing, variable rate shading, and variable refresh rate. Microsoft is also including support for 4K media streaming, and even 4K upscaling for games. The video also reveals the Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox ever, and it will be 60 percent smaller than the bigger Xbox Series X.


The Xbox Series X and PS5 will battle for the next-gen crown this fall, but the Xbox Series S could end up being Microsoft’s secret weapon.XBOX SERIES S.

• Xbox Series S release date:  Predicted for November
• Xbox Series S price: $299 , £249
• Xbox Series S specs: AMD CPU and GPU, 512GB SSD
• Key features: 1440p gaming at 120fps, ray-tracing, all-digital console
• Other features: Variable refresh rate, 4K upscaling and media playback

Xbox Series S: Release date, price and specs

Xbox Series S: Release date, price and specs

After a major leak, which revealed the design and price of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft had no choice but to make the console official. And it finally took the covers off the second next-gen Xbox on September 8. 
Xbox Series S latest news and leaks

Xbox Series S price and preorders

Microsoft has finally revealed the price of the Xbox Series S and it’ll be $299 in the U.S. and £250 in the U.K. 
That makes is far cheaper than the PS5 or Xbox Series X are expected to; both will sit around the $500 mark. 
And it can also be had for a mere $25 a month through Xbox All Access. This is the Microsoft’s subscription-style system that lets you use a console without having to buy it outright, as well as give you access to Xbox Game Pass. 
Rather irritatingly, Microsoft hasn’t revealed any preorder details for the Xbox Series S. We’d expect preorders to go live sooner than later, but there’s no solid information from Microsoft yet. 

Xbox Series S release date

Microsoft may have taken the covers off the Xbox Series S, but it has yet to reveal a launch date. 
We’d expect it to now arrive at the same time as the Xbox Series X, which is tipped to launch in November. Microsoft has yet to reveal an official date for the Xbox Series X launch, so we’re also in launch limbo for the Series S.  

Xbox Series S specs

Microsoft hasn’t revealed any specs for the Xbox Series X, but a leaker going by the name of WalkingCat on Twitter has spilled them.  The leaker found the details in a leaked trailer for the Xbox Series X. While there was no confirmation on whether the Xbox Series S will have 4 teraflops as rumors have previously hinted at, other specs and capabilities were revealed. 
The most interesting bit is the Xbox Series S will be able to run games up the 1440p resolution at 120fps. That’s quite impressive for a $299 console that’s expected to be less powerful than an Xbox One X. 

It will also deliver variable rate shading and a variable refresh rate, handy for people with TVs that support refresh rates beyond 60Hz. And it should even deliver ray-tracing, though this appears to be a software-enabled take on the rendering, using DirectX rather than custom dedicated hardware; the same could be true of the Xbox Series X. 
4K media streaming and upscaling for games is also on the cards, which is another neat feature. 
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One slightly disappointing spec is the Xbox Series S is set to have a 512GB SSD. Given that modern games can be tens of gigabytes in size, we’d be concerned that such an SSD would fill up very quickly. We’d really want a 1TB of storage space. 
Overall, the Xbox Series S is likely to be a console that targets 1080p to 1440p gaming, with upscaling meaning that it doesn’t need to render an image at native 4K like the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S: All about services

The Xbox Series S in an all-digital console, so it has no disc drive. That’s one of the reasons it’s so small.
But we expect it to have a good amount of onboard storage to keep all the downloaded games in, though Microsoft hasn’t mentioned storage options or capacity yet. 

The Xbox Series S is also expected to act as a dedicated streaming box for Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service. While xCloud is currently in a beta form, from what we’ve tried so far it works rather well, thanks to it syncing up with games on both the Xbox One and on Windows 10 PCs.

Xbox Series S is officially $299 and ships Nov. 10

Microsoft confirms its price and ship date and posts a video expanding on the design and specifications.

According to the video, it will be all-digital, support 1440p up to 120 frames per second, have a Velocity Architecture 512GB SSD, be able to upscale games to 4K and stream media at 4K. It’ll also support similar next-gen features, including DirectX raytracing, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate and “ultra-low latency” (which likely means Microsoft’s Dynamic Latency with the controller). The video also mentions the unsurprising Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tie-in.

How much will it cost and when can we get it?

$299 and Nov.10. Microsoft did say it’ll share more information soon, so it’s possible that Microsoft will provide a more formal overview at its next event — that was rumored for the end of August, but it didn’t happen.

The common expectation is that the Series X will come in at about $500, so pricing the Series S at $300 makes sense. This model would also give Microsoft a less costly version to bundle with its Xbox All Access subscription, despite having announced that subscribers will get the Series X last year, when it was known as Project Scarlett. But that’s pure speculation.

How does it differ from the Xbox Series X?

The Series S is about a half the size of the Series X. That’s in line with the rumored spec differences, which include the same eight-core AMD processor (though there’s no info about the clock speeds), but 512GB SSD, a GPU with half the compute units (20), a slower clock speed (1.55GHz) and only 10GB GDDR6 (compared to 16GB); the result is a third of the bandwidth, 4TFLOPS instead of 12TFLOPS. As a result, it will generate far less heat and require less power, which means less active or passive cooling required. Combine that with the lack of an optical drive, and you can cut a lot of volume out of the console.

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