We use WhatsApp to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues, etc. Whatsapp also has a host of rich features that take conversations to a whole new level.

Although WhatsApp is here to help us communicate, sometimes, you just want to avoid talking to some people for this, WhatsApp has “the blocking feature”.

Why do some people Block?

Blocking is useful when you want to avoid chatting with a person on WhatsApp. Sometimes, some people also want to avoid chatting with you.

The Fool-Proof way to check if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

In order to verify that the person has really blocked you, use a friend’s (whose contact your suspect does not have) device to send a WhatsApp message to the person. If that message gets delivered (two checkmarks), then you really have been blocked.

It is always advisable to use this Fool Proof way because

  • People can hide or not use a profile photo, so you may think they have blocked you.
  • Some people can block you and your friends as well as your family members, It is always best to use a number he/she doesn’t have to test for “blocking”

Update: Some modded versions of WhatsApp allow users to disable double ticks even though they receive messages.

Hopefully, next time you are blocked, you are able to notice early enough. However, be cautious.

This is because anyone who does not have a profile photo, hidden his/her about and has failed to come online in a long time will exhibit “symptoms that he/she has blocked you”.

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