Integrated Red Bundles

Vodafone Ghana Red Data Bundles: The Vodafone Red is an integrated bundle that gives you minutes to call all local networks, data to browse and SMS to connect with friends and family. Simply dial *200# to choose your preferred Red offer.

Vodafone Ghana Vodafone Ghana Red Data Bundles

Red OffersCodePrice (GHs)AllocationValidility
Red 1*200#1.00Unlimited Calls to Vodafone numbers, 10 minutes to call all local networks and 52 MB Data24 Hours
Red 2 Plus*200#2.0052 minutes to all local networks and 52 MB DataNo Expiry
Red 2*200#2.00414 minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 31 minutes to call all local networks & 104MB Data3 Days
Red 5 Plus*200#5.00155 minutes to call all local networks and 155 MB of dataNo Expiry
Red 5*200#5.40258 minutes(129minutes to call Vodafone Numbers, 129 minutes to call all local networks), 259MB Data and 10 SMS7 Days
Red 10*200#10331 minutes to call all local networks, 331 MB Data and 10 SMSNo Expiry
Red 20*200#201242 minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 311 minutes to call other networks, 776 MB Data and 21 SMS.30 Days
Red 25*200#27.00518mins to call all local networks, 1.55GB Data and 21 SMS.30 Days
Red 30*200#30.00Unlimited minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 518 minutes to call other networks , 1.55GB of data and 21 SMS30 Days
Red 50*200#50.00Unlimited minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 900 minutes to call all local networks, 2GB Data and 20 SMS30 Days
Red 100*200#100.00Unlimited minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 2000 minutes to call all local networks, 3 GB Data and 20 SMS30 Days
  • There are 3 channels through which you can subscribe to these bundles.
    • USSD (*151*3* & *200# )
    • IVR (200)
    • My Vodafone App
  • You can register by dialling *151*3# or *200# and following the prompts. When you select a Red Offer, the registration fee is automatically deducted from your primary credit balance and you will immediately have access to the offer.
  • Customers can either choose to buy a ‘one-time bundle’ or an ‘auto-renewal bundle’ on this offer.
  • Customers can stop auto-renewal by accessing the USSD menu (*200#), choose option 3 and choose the ‘Stop auto-renewal’ option.
  • Upon bundle expiry, customers get 3 days and 7 days grace period for weekly and monthly bundles respectively. There is no grace period for daily bundles. During the grace period, customers will have access to consume their unused bundle allocations. On the last day of grace period, if the customer has enough balance to auto-renew the bundle; the customer will enjoy rollover of unused allocation with the auto-renewal. If not, the customer will lose all unused allocations and will move to suspend period of 1, 3 or 7 days depending on whether customer is on a daily, weekly or monthly bundle respectively.
  • While in suspend period, the customer’s bundle will be automatically renewed once they have enough balance to cover the price of the bundle. Rollover will however not apply in this case.
  • Customers on these bundles are allowed to purchase any other consumer prepaid bolt-on bundles such as Data, on-net bolt-on and Value Added Services.
  • Customers can deregister by using the following channels and selecting the ‘Deregister’ option.
    • USSD (*151*3# & *200# )
    • My Vodafone App
  • This portfolio is available to all consumer mobile prepaid subscribers.
  • All Red offers are primary offers hence subscribers cannot combine them with other primary offers. They will have to forego the benefits of their existing bundles in order to subscribe for these bundles. In such cases, the customer will be notified and asked for confirmation.
  • After successful registration, you will receive a message welcoming you to the offer.
  • All bonuses the customer may have accrued will take priority over the allocations of these offers during charging.
  • In the case where the customer has purchased bolt-ons, the bolt-ons will take priority over the allocations of these offers during charging.
  • Where customers exhaust their offer allocation or the offer validity expires, they will be charged from their next priority offer. If the customers has no other offer, they will be charged a Pay As You Go (PAYG) rate of 11.9p per minute for local voice calls (Vodafone and other local networks) and 11.9p per MB for data.

*124#: this shows primary balance together with bundle allocations
*126#: this only shows balance on bundle allocation

Acceptance of the Terms of Use

  • The following provisions define the terms and conditions governing the Product. By subscribing to the usage of this Product, the Subscriber shall be deemed to have consented and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and be bound accordingly.
  • All Subscribers warrant that they have read carefully and have understood fully these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are in addition to the standard terms and conditions of Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited, which can be found on our website (


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