Video of Date Rush participants reading their scripts surfaces online

Date Rush participants reading their scripts. So all the stuffs happening on date rush, the most trending entertainment TV show in Ghana right now is planed. Here are the participants reading their script

TV3’s flagship show dubbed ‘Date Rush’ has recently become one of the most-watched television programs.

Last week’s incident on the show got a lot of people asking questions as to whether the show was real or just one that plays with the minds of people.


Let’s take you back to what actually happened on the day in case you missed the program last week.

Date Rush participants reading their scripts

So the male participant known as Ignatius Acheampong surprisingly turned off the rushes of two ladies who had managed to get to the end of the competition on the day to indicate that he wasn’t interested in any of them.

Freelove who was the last lady whose rush was turned off burst out and blasted Ignatius on the show to the surprise of everyone present.

The host of the program Nii Kpakpo Thompson himself was surprised at the turn of the event.

When he questioned Ignatius why he turned down all the ladies he revealed that he couldn’t connect with any of them hence his decision to turn their rushes off on the night.

Now, one of the questions people raised was why would he go on the show if he knew he couldn’t connect with the ladies available.

Some people also started reading meanings into it saying the program is staged and what happened that day was just part of the script to make it more interesting.

If we are to judge by the new video sighted on social media, then we can boldly say that the show is scripted as some people have claimed earlier.

In the video sighted, the participants of the TV show where seen holding and reading from a script given to them.

The now-famous Ignatius was clearly seen in the video laughing after one of his colleagues made a joke out of the script.

Watch the video below:

Date Rush participants reading their scripts



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