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Vice Principal of Accra College of Education distributes nose masks to children. Vice Principal of Accra College of Education(AcCE) on Tuesday distributed pieces of face masks to children who have been coming to Accra College of Education premises to play.

The Vice Principal,Mrs Elizabeth Aikins  said, parents should not allow their children to loiter unprotected during this challenging time.

Vice Principal of Accra College of Education distributes nose masks to children

“We are all know the world is in serious crisis fighting Corona virus and children are vulnerable group in the society. Mostly, they are unaware of things happening around them, hence it is our responsibility to create an awareness among them and support them with necessary materials to safeguard their life.” She said.


She added that parents should not allow their children to play in groups as they used to do before the Covid-19 outbreak.

“It is easy for children to contract and distribute the virus unaware.” She indicated.


Mr Aikins appreciated those who are helping to get rid of this deadly virus and ask the general public and staff of the College to follow precautions regularly updated by the Ghana Health Service and various agencies to protect the public from the virus.

Accompanying the Vice Principal were Dr. Bernice Oteng and Mr. Douglas Quansah who in turn taught the children the purpose of wearing the face masks at this time, how to wear and take care for it.

Dr. Bernice Oteng, Head of Social Sciences Department of the College admonished institutions to use their official fabrics to design face masks and distribute to their staff since face masks has become part of our dress code.

Mr. Douglas Quansah, Project Work Coordinator of the College urged the school children to make use of the online platforms and learn instead of uploading and downloading pictures and videos from and onto social media platforms.

He also appreciated the initiatives of government and various institutions in conducting virtual teaching and learning for the students of the country through television and other platforms.


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