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A few months ago, we found out that model Valentina Sampaio had undergone plastic surgery. After a few unsuccessful surgeries, she’s back on the modeling scene and slaying it. The Brazilian beauty has a very successful career and is even the 1st transgender cover girl of French Vogue. She’s modeled for many brands and is still working on her beauty regimen. Her before-and-after photos were taken at a plastic surgery clinic in Paris.

Although the procedure was a success, it has triggered some controversies. Initially, Sampaio had been rejected from the L’Oreal ad campaign after a conservative company told her that its clients wouldn’t be accepting. Later, she acted in an independent film in Sao Paulo and walked her first runway during the Sao Paulo fashion week. Her story was also documented in a short film by L’Oreal.

Sampaio was born in a fishing village in Ceara State, Brazil. She identified as a girl at the age of eight and has remained transgender ever since. Before surgery, she refused to tell her birth name, saying she didn’t want anyone to know her secret. The surgery was successful, and she looks stunning. However, despite her amazing results, she is still struggling to come out.



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