Senior High Schools (SHSs) which have recorded cases of coronavirus in the last 14 days will have vacations for second-year students delayed.

This is to allow health officials assess and trace contacts of cases before allowing the students to go home.

Already, the second-year Gold Track students who went to school together with the final-years are almost done with their academic work.


Health officials have, therefore, put in place measures in discharging these students.

“The schools that have not reported any case means that those students can vacate and go,” Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye stated on Thursday, July 30 at the bi-weekly press update by the Ministry of Information.

Vacation for SHSs with coronavirus cases to be delayed

“The second category is for schools that have had a case. I think in the last two weeks, there have been no case. I advise that they can also vacate and go home.

“The third group will be any school that has had positive case in the last two weeks. The assessment will be done to identify those who are contacts and if any of them is in that class, their vacation will be delayed while we do an assessment and observation after which they will be asked to go home.”

So far, Ghana has recorded a total of 35,501 cases of the virus with 182 deaths.


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