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Trick To Get 2.8Gig MTN Internet bundle for only GHS0.07

2.8Gig MTN internet bundle for only GHS0.07

Do you buy MTN internet data daily? Have you sat down to calculate the amount you spend on buying MTN internet data bundle daily?

If you are currently struggling with Data issues on MTN, Then worry not, Publishers at did an in-depth analysis and calculation on all MTN data packages and offers available.

2.8Gig MTN internet bundle for only GHS0.07
2.8Gig MTN internet bundle for only GHS0.07

We discovered a simple trick that can change the amount you spend on MTN internet data forever.

We will share this trick with you in this article!

Get 2.8Gig MTN Internet Bundle For Only GHS0.07

Getting 2.8Gig worth of Data on MTN can be achieved with a simple trick, Mashup Bundles.

With MTN mashup bundle, you can get up to 2.8gig data by just repeating a process over and over again.

How to get a 2.8Gig MTN Internet Bundle For Only GHS0.07

Dial *567#

Just dial *567# on your phone

Select your Mashup for self

Choose option 1

Choose GHS1 mashup plan

After choosing GHS1 plan, select the option to enter any amount as shown below

Enter 0.07

Enter 0.07

Select option 4, 3.6MB only

Choose option 4 for 3.6mb data

All you have to do is to repeat the process until you get 2.8gig of data with approximately GHS3.

How much is MTN unlimited data plan?

u003cstrongu003eMTN unlimited datau003c/strongu003e is something everyone has always seek for, and yes u003cstrongu003eMTN Ghanu003c/strongu003e has introduced an u003cstrongu003eunlimited data planu003c/strongu003e which u003cstrongu003ecostu003c/strongu003e 50 cedies daily.

How do you bundle unlimited data on MTN?

Activating by dialing *138* then selecting 1 for u003cstrongu003eInternet Planu003c/strongu003e and then selecting 4. This is the code for u003cstrongu003eMTN unlimited data planu003c/strongu003e. Dial 1 for 3 GB Midnight u003cstrongu003eMTNu003c/strongu003e 2 hours u003cstrongu003eunlimited data planu003c/strongu003e at a cost of 1 GHc being offered from 3 am to 5 am.

Which MTN plan is the cheapest for data?

u003cstrongu003eMTNu003c/strongu003e Midnight u003cstrongu003eData Planu003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis is the lowest and u003cstrongu003echeapest MTN data planu003c/strongu003e, it offers free browsing from either 12 am to 5 am or 3 am to 5 am for as low as 0.03p and does not expire.

What is MTN kokrokoo bundle?

Description. Buy the u003cstrongu003eMTNu003c/strongu003e Kokrooko u003cstrongu003ebundleu003c/strongu003e and enjoy 400MB worth of data u0026amp; 30 mins free on-net calls for just GHC 1 from 5am-8am.

Is MTN giving free data?

u003cstrongu003eMTN Free Datau003c/strongu003e 500mbu003cbru003eu003cbru003eTo Enjoy u003cstrongu003eFreeu003c/strongu003e 500 MB from u003cstrongu003eMTNu003c/strongu003e dial *449*2# or dial *449*1#. If it works for you, you will get a congratulations message from u003cstrongu003eMtnu003c/strongu003e telling you that you have 7 days to enjoy u003cstrongu003efreeu003c/strongu003e Internet browsing worth 500MB.

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