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The beautiful transgender model Valentijn De Hingh recently underwent surgery to change his gender identity. She has previously posed for Love Magazine, Vogue Italia, and Maison Martin Margiela. Her life story was also featured in a documentary, ‘Valentijn: The Truth Behind the Transgender Model’. After her gender reassignment surgery, she plans to become a fashion journalist.

At age seven, Valentijn De Hingh, of Amsterdam, was filmed as a boy. The documentary chronicled her experiences as a transgender teen. After her surgery, she went on to pursue a modeling career. She landed spots on the runways of Comme des Garcons and Maison Martin Margiela. She is now studying literature in Amsterdam and hopes to become a fashion journalist.

The transgender model, Valentijn De Hingh, first entered the fashion industry as a male at age eight. During this period, she was filmed for a television show called ‘Valentijn.’ She later underwent gender reassignment surgery at age eight. She moved to Amsterdam as a young woman and began modeling. She has been making waves in the fashion world for over four years.

The transgender model’s first career was as an assistant booker at the paparazzi model agency in Amsterdam. She had previously worked as a transgender model and was known as ‘Sophie.’ She eventually got her breakthrough by landing a job with the company. In a few months, she was signed to IMG and shot for LOVE magazine. Today, she is shooting for several magazines.


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