Is this fair? Let’s judge by ourselves. Fellow students, lecturers, Principals, other stakeholders and the general public, LET’S JUDGE BY OURSELVES.
We were all prepared to begin our second year second semester of the 2021 academic year. All of a sudden, we received a message from our boss( The president) that all schools in the country should be shutdown. I think it was done in the interest of the citizens of the country to avoid rapid spread of the pandemic ( Covid 19). That was good idea although it has some disadvantages.
Now, the idea came that there can be other alternative means through which some institutions can either begin or proceed their studies. That is VIRTUAL or ONLINE LEARNING. That one too, bravo??. Very good idea. But it also got some disadvantages?. Our leaders who brought this idea knew that there are many disadvantages that can come up with this idea but they addressed some and overlooked others.
Some of the challenges they thought of were, most students lacking electronic gadgets??, poor or no network at some places where student stay and others.
But one major challenge they never talked about was THE FINANCIAL LIVING OF SOME STUDENTS WHEN AT HOME. How do most students especially trainees live their life when at home? The fact is most trainees are taking care of themselves and even other family members when at home. Some have to work hard and gather money to pay their fees and purchase books during vacation. Some live alone with no support from anywhere when they at home. Isn’t this sad? Now no allowance coming at this critical period, most jobs are collapsed, most of our young brothers and sisters are at home everyday and they eat even more than when there were in school. But we manage to partake in some part of the E learning thing. Just that we are unable to do some assignment.
Now, the saddest aspect of this whole thing is that, lecturers says ASSESSMENT will be done by participation, doing of assignment, contributions and attendance. Is this fair? If indeed that’s the means of assessment, then it’s not fair at all. Why? Leaving out those who lack gadget and have network problems, there are many of us who have the gadget and very good network but we also have our own problems.
There is one friend of mine who is a trainee, he lives alone and does most things by himself. He sends money to his mum in the village to support her and his other siblings, his father is dead. I went to stay with him for some weeks during this corona period and his situation was pathetic. He leaves home around 7 am and comes back at 7pm throughout the whole week. And he isn’t the only one doing that. Most students especially trainees are going through such lifestyle. So how can they join this e learning thing? They will always be absent. And when assessment is done by this, what mark are they going to attain? We should remember that our lecturers who are always online are still deceiving their salaries and other allowances.
Pls let us talk. “Y3se, wankasa wo ti ho a yeyi wo ayi b)ne”
Lecturers should just give us the slides and include the recordings we can learn them by ourselves. If not that, then they shouldn’t assess us by attendance or participation and contributions because not all of us will be able to get time for it.
SHARE to other trainees until it get to the minister


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