Korean media is reporting that Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the company’s own camera module maker, will be making inroads not only in the flagship S-line or Note series, but in the midrange A-series tier as well.

Local industry sources tip that Samsung Electro-Mechanics has won the order for the main camera modules of both the upcoming Galaxy A52 and A72 2021 models that Samsung may announce as soon as December, if history is any indication.

These two positions in the Samsung midrange and upper midrange sell in the tens of millions, and the company has noticed, so it is trying to bring the camera goods downmarket to solidify their status as its bestsellers. 
According to the report, “the rear camera module of the Galaxy A52 is composed of a quad (4), and the Galaxy A72 is composed of a penta (5) camera module.” Samsung Electro-Mechanics will, apparently, be equipping main sensors for both the A72 and A52, meaning that we may actually see an uptick in the Galaxy A52 main camera resolution, from the current A51’s 48MP, to the 64MP of the Galaxy A71 and A72.
Here’s a list of the Samsung Galaxy A72 camera specs to expect:

  • A 64MP main sensor
  • A 12MP ultrawide lens camera
  • An 8MP camera with 3x zoom lens
  • A 5MP macro camera
  • A 5MP dedicated ‘bokeh’ sensor

The A51, however, ships with a quad-camera, and the same number will be preserved for the A52, so which of the above modules will be present on the A72, but missing on the A52? That remains to be heard but Samsung has to somehow set the A72 apart as an upper midranger, and, given that a telephoto camera will be its new feature, that one may be missing for the cheaper A52. 

Oh, well, it could at least get a bump in the main camera resolution and depth “bokeh” sensor departments. Bear in mind that this is not the first time we are hearing that the Galaxy A52 will carry a 64MP main camera, too, so where there’s smoke, there might be fire come the December announcement.

In any case, the average number of rear cameras on Samsung’s phones will jump from two this year, to three in 2021, and this is good news for the company’s own camera sensor making business. According to the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Managing Director Bae Kwang-wook:

There you have it, the 2021 Galaxy A-series will have as many and as high-performing cameras as this year’s flagship Galaxy S20 and S20+ models, plus they would most likely ship with 1080p displays and large batteries, giving them a further leg up in endurance. 
The only ho-hum part in comparison would inevitably be the chipsets that Samsung equips them with, but, given that the Galaxy A71 and A51 already come with upper midrange chipsets, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G or its successor will be more than enough to warrant a purchase at what will most likely be a much lower price point. Here’s a list of the Samsung Galaxy A52 camera specs to expect:
  • A 64MP main sensor
  • A 12MP ultrawide lens camera
  • A 5MP macro camera
  • A 5MP dedicated ‘bokeh’ sensor

Of course, even with this rich set of souped-up camera sensors, the 2021 Galaxy A-series will still have a steep hill to climb against Chinese juggernauts like OnePlus which are notorious for introducing flagship features at midrange prices, but this somehow doesn’t apply to the camera specs where software still matters more for the end result than hardware. In any case, December is not far away, so we’ll tell you all there is to know about the upcoming Galaxy A72 and A52 specs when Samsung announces their release date and pricing tiers.


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