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Ghanaian lady who planted the first ever Apple tree

An Apple tree that bore fruits has been discovered at Wiamoase — a town in the Sekyere South district, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

We shared a story with you about an apple tree that grew up soo well and bore fruits in the Ashanti region of Ghana.


Ghanaian lady who planted the first ever Apple tree

Who planted it? This has been the question of Ghanaians after stunning photos of the tree with fruits went viral on social media
Well, Facebook user “Barima Nana Osei Bonsu“ who was the first person to publicize photos of the Apple tree has answered our question.

Ghanaian lady who planted first Apple tree?

According to his findings, the lady who planted that Apple tree is dead. The name of the lady isn’t yet known. However, Barima gathered from the family members of the lady that the tree was planted 5 years ago and just after these few years, it is already bearing fruits.

“The young girl who planted the seed died five years ago, that’s the family attached to the picture. Unless proven otherwise, five years after cultivation… that’s the tree in picture as well. WIAMOASE-Tanosi,ASHANTI”, Barima wrote on his Facebook wall with photos of the lady and her family.


This latest discovery is quite surprising as Apples don’t thrive well in a tropical (hot and humid) climate as Ghana has.

Most of commercial apple tree varieties thrive in cold and wet climate, where a cold winter is followed by cool spring and summer. So it’s quite surprising that this Apple tree was able to grow and is even bearing fruits.

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