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Stand-up comedian Ian Harvie is transgender. His stand-up act is based on his experiences with gender identity. He has been mistaken for a long-lost member of Wham! due to his gender-reversal surgery. But his raunchy humor is also very empowering. He says the experience has changed him for the better. Despite all his physical and mental challenges, Harvie is still confident and happy about the transformation.

Before his surgery, Ian had been living in a boy’s body. His body was too large for him to be comfortable in a boy’s body. He was too heavy for a girl’s body. So he had to get a woman’s genitals, and this led to his transition. He was a lesbian and became active in the trans community. His sexual orientation was revealed to him when he was 19 years old, and he came out as a gay man at age 24.

When he was a boy, Ian was born a female. He knew from a young age that he was not comfortable in his gender. He started fighting with his mother over clothes when he was four years old. Eventually, he transitioned to a male and began acting and performing stand-up around the US. His transformation was so dramatic that he received international attention and received many accolades.



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