One Vera Quarshie is said to be impersonating young Ghanaian actress cum student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) Edwina Mensah.

The said lady is allegedly faking the Facebook account of the young actress to extort huge monies from unsuspecting men in what is perceived as dating scam.

Using the name Vera Quarshie on Facebook, she has been uploading pictures and videos of Edwina Mensah to entice men who fall prey to her beautiful and gorgeous contours.

According to the actress, her investigations with the help of friends led to uncovering Vera Quarshie after several complaints from people closed to her (Edwina Mensah).

The said impersonator cloned her account by downloading pictures and videos from her Instagram page and using same to create a business account on Facebook and WhatsApp status. The search reveals that men visit her Facebook account, pick the fake mobile contact and trail her to WhatApp where the real vibes begin.

Screenshots obtained from conversations between Vera Quarshie and a man who almost fell victim to the dating scam led to unmasking her.

Edwina Mensah has cautioned the public to be wary of the said account and persons who seek to extort monies from them in her name.

Below is the Facebook page being used by Vera Quarshie as well as a WhatsApp conversation confirming her masterplan.

Ghanaian Actress Impersonator Exposed For Duping Men
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22220206511Ghanaian Actress Impersonator Exposed For Duping
22220206Ghanaian Actress Impersonator Exposed For Duping Men5116-1i841p5cbv-vera-3
222202065116-vaqduhgtsn-vGhanaian Actress Impersonator Exposed For Duping Menera-4
222202065118-vbrduhgtso-verGhanaian Actress Impersonator Exposed For Duping Mena-6
222202065119-qulxoGhanaian Actress Impersonator Exposed For Duping Mencb543-vera-7

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