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E- learning is not feasible as many factors hinder the success of this initiative in Ghana. Not all student of our noble Universities can access the E-learning platform at their various hometowns or villages.

Many students depend on bursary for survival in school and since during this period they will not be given allowances, students will not be able to buy bundles on a weekly basis that would give them access to E-learning. Many students are not yet registered, which defeats the purpose of the improvising as only registered students will be able to access the E-learning platform.

Other factors like poor internet connectivity in most parts of the country, lack of face to face interactions between students and lecturers, inconsideration of special needs students as well as load shedding all pose a threat to the success of E-learning. For instance, during one vacation, I sent a message through WhatsApp to my friend and this friend call me and said “I saw your WhatsApp message, sorry I don’t have internet connectivity in my area, I have to go to another village before I can even load my WhatsApp messages.” How can a friend of mine access this E-learning platform? Again, many students as at now have not been able to open their portals  because of

other factors.  Other students depend on their peers for information whether right or wrong which defeats the whole purpose of learning online. Most of us are hearing E-learning for the first time which should not be the case. We students not knowing much about the platform makes it even harder to operate. Students of School of Molecular Biology and Basic and Biomedical Sciences and School of Allied Health Sciences, specifically Department of Medical Laboratory Science, School of Medicine  other Schools course requires them to carry out labs from workshops which will only remain in theory if E-learning proceeds.

I feels it is not fair for only a small percentage of students to access this improvising Way of learning  while others suffer due to circumstances beyond their control. As much as it is understandable that government is trying to cushion the education crises the country is most likely to face, other factors have to be put into consideration to ensure that no one is left behind.

In my humble request, I entreat Universities Managements, Students’ Representative Council (SRC), National Union of Ghanian students(NUGS) and other Student Activists to take a second look at the E-learning because majority of the students are really suffering.


A Concern Student of, 

University of Health and Allied Sciences


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