Rene Richards Before Surgery Photos

Dr. Rene Richards, who became famous for her gender-reversal surgeries, was once a promising up-and-coming eye surgeon and amateur tennis champion. She was tough and demanding, and she still retains a bit of the impatient male surgeon trapped in her. Her before-and-after surgery photos give a glimpse of what she looks like before surgery. Despite her youthful appearance, Richards still has a lot of charm and energy.

When she was younger, Dr. Richards had the athletic body of a lifelong athlete. She developed a more masculine bone structure, and her body language became more traditional. She said that she wished she could start over and write a book. She has several tennis memorabilia, including antique illustrations, a plaque from her induction into the Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame, and a copy of her book, “The Transgender Guide to Surgery.” Before and after surgery, however, she is still a woman.

Although she has always been perceived as a man, Rene Richards fought back. Her surgery allowed her to feel more comfortable with her body and her new gender identity. She said she felt like Joan of Arc and her surgery was her best chance to win the Olympic Games. But before she got her transformation, she was criticized for a few years. But now, she’s regaining her old self and proving to the world that she can do anything.



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