Outlook has just gained a nifty feature on Android that lets calendar users sync events. You can already do a lot of things with the mobile version of Outlook, but the latest update brings even more functionality to the app.

Microsoft revealed that Outlook for Android finally supports Google and Samsung calendar syncing. Not only that but once you create an event in Outlook, you’ll be able to sync it with Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar.

Moreover, events created in Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar can be synced with Outlook for Android. You’ll be able to view and edit events from Outlook for Android, as well as those made in Samsung Calendar and Google Calendar.


Things might indeed become pretty hectic if you’re using both calendar apps and sync them with Outlook for Android, but at least you can view and edit them in one place. Make sure to download the latest version of Outlook for Android via the Google Play Store to start syncing your calendar events.


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