NSS Registration Flow Chart

Following the release of the National Service Scheme (NSS) posting, the management of the Ghana National Service Scheme has released the registration flow chart for national service personnel.

All newly posted personnel are to follow this guide for their national service registration across various regional zonal registration centres.


NSS Registration Flow Chart

1. Visit the portal.nss.gov.gh website to check your posting and print your appointment letter.

2. Proceed to visit the institution (user agency) you were posted to endorse your appointment letter. Your appointment letter should be endorsed by the Head of the organisation or Human Resource Director.

In cases where your posting is rejected by the user agency for one reason or the other, you need to go back to NSS regional secretariat for reposting.

3. After you have an endorsed appointment letter from the institution you were posted to, visit the NSS website again to schedule an appointment for your regional validation and acceptance. Remember that you will do in the region you were posted to so choose a date and time by factoring in your travel.

4. Make sure you show up on the date and time you booked on the NSS website for your regional validation process. You are supposed to receive what is called the Regional Acceptance Number (RAN).

5. Once the validation is complete, visit the NSS website again and print a new appointment letter – this time your RAN will be indicated on it. Make three copies of the letter and submit a copy to the NSS District Office (not the same place you did your registration, ask the officers in regional office the location of the district office responsible for the location you were posted to). You have to give another copy to the institution you are doing your service and keep the a copy for yourself.


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