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National Service 2021 Postponed – Read More

In Ghana, it is mandatory for all graduates who are 18 years and above and from a recognized and accredited tertiary institution to enroll in a one year service to the nation.

The Ghana national service which is used to begin in September has now been shifted to few months ahead for several reasons which has been stated below. In view of this, applicants should take notice of the following.

National Service 2021 Postponed

National Service 2021 Postponed
National Service 2021 Postponed

First and foremost, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, necessary arrangements for the date to release the appointment letters for NSS personnel has been postponed. Hence, instead of commencing the service at various institution on September, this year it’s nolonger September.

The changes made is that the appointment letters will rather be released in the month of September, 2021. Secondly, the National Service Scheme is considering making the month of September an annual leave period for all service personnel to enable everyone to use that period for the biometric and other registrations applicable.

Thirdly, personnel should take note that the actual month to begin this year’s Service is actually October, 2021 and not September 2021.

Last but not least, the increment with regards to the allowance is being looked at for the second time. However, all national service personnel should keep their fingers crossed and wait for feedback on the amount for the allowance for 2021.

Although the chances for an increment are slim, we hope that good judgement is made by the government to lubricate the financial elbows of NSS personnel.

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