Kofi Oppong Owusu & Grace Adwoa Owusu are a married Ghanaian couple who run their own business called Aperto Windows -The couple met when they were in the same class at the University of Ghana, and got married the same year they graduated from school – Their business, Aperto Windows, now has employees and great plans for the future

Mr Kofi Oppong Owusu and his beautiful wife Mrs Gracy Adwoa Owusu are young graduates from the University of Ghana who now run their own business called Aperto Windows.

In an exclusive interview , Kofi who can be reached on +233 55 811 3447, revealed that his wife was his coursemate that he properly encountered when they were both in level 300. The two, who also attended the same church, drew close to each other over time and decided to settle down as a married couple soon after they finished university.


Meet UG Students Who Graduated,Got Married and Started Running Own Company

Meet UG Students Who Graduated,Got Married and Started Running Own Company
Meet UG Students Who Graduated,Got Married and Started Running Own Company

6 beautiful mansions built by top Ghanaian stars Kofi and Adwoa graduated with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in May 2021, started their business together in July 2021 and got married in September 2021. According to Kofi, the journey to starting the business was a great risk he decided to take with his partner, as he was not financially strong at the time and actually got the startup capital from his lover.

Currently, Kofi and Adwoa run Aperto Windows with about five employees and are able to serve dozens of firms and individual clients every month. When asked how they are able to manage both their home and business as a couple, the handsome young man indicated that vision drives them to focus on whatever they need to get done together.Also, George Bannerman, a popular Ghanaian master of ceremonies (MC), has finally got married to his long time girlfriend who he dated for 13 years.

Photos and videos from the marriage ceremony that took place on August 1, 2021, It was sighted on the Instagram and Twitter handles of the excited groom. In one of the videos, George presented a new Honda CRV to his beloved wife for sticking with him through thick and thin for more than a decade.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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